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our Pasta Factory.

Manufacturers in Novello Cuneo, Italy!

Pastificio Curti / our Pasta Factory

Where it all began…

The town of Novello, nestled in the Langa hills and a Unesco World Heritage Site, is the home of Pastificio Curti; who for over the last twenty years has produced, using traditional methods, colorful, flavored pasta.

Traditional techniques with a modern twist…

The careful selection of ingredients, the care taken throughout every stage of production, plus state of the art equipment, allows us to produce pasta of the highest quality.

Followed by a slow drying process at low temperatures, the product is then packaged to maintain its characteristic aromas and flavors.

A world of colors…

Because we live in a colorful world, we’ve decided to color, in a natural way, a product which
is usually white. But we haven’t stopped there; we’ve also given it flavor.

We produce:

Colored Pasta 100%
Flavored Pasta 80%
Extruded Pasta 50%
Laminated Pasta 10%
Skein Laminated Pasta 40%

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